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Pk/Pd Display

Accurate Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic information updated in real time!


Applied Medical Visualizations LLC (Medvis) specializes in the visualization of medical information. Our products have been demonstrated to improve the comprehension of complex medical data. We have developed and tested state of the art solutions for education, information presentation, patient monitoring and information management. We incorporate a user centered design approach that simplifies user interaction with intuitive presentation and visualization of information. Our products allow our customers to better manage patient care and ensure patient safety while minimizing cost.


Medvis is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of researchers, clinicians, engineers and IT professionals with specialization in the fields of medicine, bioengineering, interface design, human factors engineering, cognitive psychology, information visualization, computer science and software engineering. Our staff has more than 50 years combined experience in designing, testing and implementing general and customized solutions to information management and data visualization in the medical domain.


Medvis is committed to the development of easily distributable, web based platforms with superior customer support to ensure streamlined implementation of cost effective data solutions for the rapidly changing medical industry. We also take pride in our commitment to providing medical equipment and interface designers with rigorous usability evaluation services that ensure an optimal fit between the end users needs and the evolving capabilities clinical tools and databases.

All The Buzz...

Docusys Inc

DocuSys is an innovative company dedicated to patient safety through detection of drug delivery during anesthesia and electronic medical records. DocuSys has licensed the Pk/Pd display, to be presented to clinicians via integration with their DocuJect® and DocuView® technologies. Medvis and DocuSys presently continue to collaborate on new product research and development.

GE Healthcare

Since 2002, Medvis has been working with GE Healthcare's expert group of engineers and researchers to provide more effective presentations of medical information to anesthesiologists. In 2005, GE Healtcare has licensed Medvis' pharmacologic display technology.

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